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Update: June 15th , 2008


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CCC Rock Climbing



Weeekly Bible Reflection




Sunday 22nd June, 2008
12th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Matthew 10:26-33

‘So have no fear of them; for nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered, and nothing secret that will not become known. What I say to you in the dark, tell in the light; and what you hear whispered, proclaim from the housetops. Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground unperceived by your Father. And even the hairs of your head are all counted. So do not be afraid; you are of more value than many sparrows.

‘Everyone therefore who acknowledges me before others, I also will acknowledge before my Father in heaven; but whoever denies me before others, I also will deny before my Father in heaven.


Reflection ( source:

How sharp the razor’s edge when it pierces the skin, yet how much sharper the Word of the Lord when we allow it to pierce our heart.

To skim over the text of today’s gospel as mere words escapes the challenge. Is it possible that we have disowned you, Jesus, in the presence of others?

What of my neglected attempts to help the drunk who was unable to get up from the gutter and find his way last evening? What of my failure to accept the invitation to make a donation for my famine-stricken brethren ? What of my distortions of the truth in my choice to remain silent? What of my ‘sickie’ last Monday in order to complete some home chore?

Yes, Lord, it is so easy to bypass those occasions without daily prayer and reflection.

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Multi-Faith Centre at U of T



The Archdiocese of Toronto



49th International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec City.    
June 28 Year of St. Paul. The inaugural Mass at St. Paul’s Basilica. 7:30 p.m.    
June 29 Centenary Anniversary – First Italian Church of Toronto. On November 8, 1908, 100 years ago this year, Archbishop Fergus McEvay gave to the Italian community its first church, under the title Our Lady of Mount Carmel. One of the highlights of the centenary celebrations: Pilgrimage to Midland, with Apostolic Nuncio, Luigi Ventura, presiding the Eucharistic Liturgy – June 29, 2008.   For more information please call Immaculate Conception Parish at 905-856-2205 or St. Jane Frances at 416-741-1463.


JULY 2008

Date Event   Contact Information
July 16

Centenary Anniversary – First Italian Church of Toronto. On November 8, 1908, 100 years ago this year, Archbishop Fergus McEvay gave to the Italian community its first church, under the title Our Lady of Mount Carmel. One of the highlights of the centenary celebrations: Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church – July 16, 2008.


  For more information please call Immaculate Conception Parish at 905-856-2205 or St. Jane Frances at 416-741-1463.



Date Event   Contact Information
Institute on the Catechumenate. North American Forum on the Catechumenate in conjunction with the Western Pastoral Region of the Archdiocese of Toronto presents an Institute on the Catechumenate.  

For more information, contact Gabrielle Suthers, Holy Family Parish, 60 Allan Drive, Bolton, ON L7E 1P7, or by email at


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Recent Church News



The Holy See


Encyclical Letter "Spe salvi"

Papal Message for World Mission Sunday "All the Churches for All the World"

Letter from His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to Chinese Catholics


[2008-06-21] New Policies

[2008-06-21] Looking for Logic

[2008-06-21] Net Gain

[2008-06-21] More Than Words

[2008-06-20] Cardinal: Eucharist Leads to Better Society

[2008-06-20] Eucharist and Authentic Adoration

[2008-06-20] Cardinal Bertone Stresses Ecumenism in Belarus

[2008-06-20] Have Fear But Do Not Be Afraid

[2008-06-20] Vatican Looks at Politics as Form of Charity

[2008-06-20] Pontiff Says Radio Has Special Apostolic Mission

[2008-06-20] Prelate Affirms Social Doctrine on UN Refugee Day

[2008-06-20] Mentally Disabled Give Eucharistic Lesson

[2008-06-20] Redeeming Beauty

[2008-06-19] Beyond Catholics; Pilgrims' Staffs

[2008-06-19] A Family Perspective on Cardinal Van Thuân's Faith

[2008-06-19] Cardinal Van Thuân's Sister on the Eucharist

[2008-06-19] Pope: Gospel Still Growing in Pakistan

[2008-06-19] Radio Called a Modern Pulpit

[2008-06-19] Holy See Display Popular at Expo

[2008-06-19] Master's Program Aims to Halt Art Crisis


Cardinal Toppo on the Eucharist
"A Force for Transformation for the Whole of Society" [2008-06-20]

Address of Cardinal Toppo on the Eucharist
"A Power That Can Challenge Any Situation" [2008-06-20]

Bishop Tagle on the Eucharist
"Eucharistic Adoration Is Similar to Standing at the Foot of the Cross" [2008-06-20]

Statement on Assyrian-Catholic Meeting
Hoped That "the Churches Will Continue to Grow in the Unity Christ Wills" [2008-06-20]

Address of Bishop Tagle on the Eucharist
"His Embrace of the Trials of Human Beings Has Made Him a Brother" [2008-06-20]

[ more documents ]

The Canadian Catholic Church

Source: The Catholic Register-




Catholic fervour of past recalled during procession

QUEBEC CITY - As many as 25,000 Catholics from around the world poured through the narrow streets of Quebec City June 19, accompanying the Blessed Sacrament in an outpouring of religious fervour absent from this city for at least half a century.


Toronto pilgrims moved by Quebec's Catholic past

QUEBEC CITY - Pilgrims who venture away from the International Eucharistic Congress grounds in this city are getting some living lessons in church history — almost 400 years of it.


The Eucharist sanctifies the institution of the Church

QUEBEC CITY - Human beings may be fallible but the Catholic Church as an institution remains sanctified through the Eucharist, says Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J.


The Eucharist around the world

QUEBEC CITY - Several cardinals from around the world gave the status of church life in their countries and regions at the 49th International Eucharistic Congress.




Multifaith support for prayer in Legislature

TORONTO - Muslim and Jewish leaders are solidly behind the Ontario Legislature's decision to retain the Christian Lord's Prayer and add the prayers of non-Christian religions. It's important for legislators to pray before they debate, said Bernie Farber, the Canadian Jewish Congress's chief executive officer.

At one with the Earth

GUELPH, Ont. - Including the land in a celebration of the Eucharist isn’t a difficult concept. Humans are made of this stuff. Adam’s name came from adamah, and meant “of the Earth.” Catholics are reminded at least once a year we are dust and unto dust we shall return. Even without the grand imagery of the Bible and the liturgies of the church, science tells us we are what we eat. What we eat comes from the land.


Mother Alba's 50-year journey of faith

WELLAND, Ont. - Mother Alba Puglia looks back with fondness and pride over her five decades in Welland.


Collins to head OCCB

TORONTO — The Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops has elected its new executive committee.


Toronto/ GTA


Family faith led Platt to priesthood

TORONTO - After retiring from the priesthood, Fr. Edwin Platt had his connection with Corpus Christi parish come full circle when he was appointed interim administrator of the parish in Toronto’s Beach area. He was now running the parish that he had grown up in.


Martyrs' Shrine to host WYD events

TORONTO - Events and features for the World Youth Day 2008 Ontario Regional Celebration at the Martyrs’ Shrine in Midland, Ont., keep adding on.


Fr. di Cicco's urban humanization

TORONTO - Fr. Pier Giorgio di Cicco wants everybody to get out of the house and play. He swears it will be good for us.


Canadians keen to support Vatican Museums

TORONTO - In his first visit to Canada, Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, president of the pontifical commission for Vatican City State, thanked Canadians for their financial support of Vatican City art and artifacts.



The Universal Church

Source: Catholic Oline-

International News

Cardinal Rigali: One Must Believe What the Church Teaches to Receive Communion
LifeSiteNews 6/21/2008, by John-Henry Westen
"We're talking about the very life of the church when we're talking about the Eucharist and participation in the Eucharist," said Cardinal Rigali. QUEBEC CITY (LifeSiteNews) - Cardinal Justin Rigali, the Archbishop of Philadelphia is in Quebec City for the International Eucharistic Congress - a ...

Jean Vanier: Disabled Teach us of the Eucharist
Zenit News Agency 6/21/2008, by Jesús Colina
Founder of L'Arche Community addresses the 49th International Eucharistic Congress under way through Sunday in Quebec. QUEBEC CITY (Zenit) - The Eucharist teaches the lesson that "Jesus loves me just as I am," said the founder of an organization that ministers to mentally handicapped ...

Cardinal Ouellet Praises Humanae Vitae
LifeSiteNews 6/20/2008, by John-Henry Westen
The Cardinal said that Abortion is the Consequence of a 'Culture of Contraception'. QUEBEC CITY (LifeSiteNews) - Quebec City Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the Primate of Canada, is in the midst of hosting a massive international gathering of Catholics that was five years in the making - the International ...

Pope's Preacher: 'Have Fear But Do Not Be Afraid'
Zenit News Agency 6/21/2008, by Father Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM Cap
"But the meaning itself of fearing God is different from being afraid. It is a component of faith: It is born from knowledge of who God is." ROME (Zenit) - This Sunday's Gospel contains a number of ideas but they all can be summarized in this apparently contradictory phrase: "Have fear but do not ...

Is There a Breakthrough in Orthodox and Catholic Relations?
Catholic Online 6/20/2008, by Deacon Keith Fournier
Has the Patriarch of Constantinople proposed a path toward communion between Eastern Catholics and their Orthodox brethren? Could it be a breakthrough? WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic Online) – Reports are circulating, in circles which are intensely attuned to the continued warming of relations between ...

Vatican Official: Radio Can be 'Modern Pulpit'
Zenit News Agency 6/20/2008, by Claudia Soberon and Miriam Díez i Bosch
The Pontifical Council for Social Communications held the first world congress of Catholic radio stations. VATICAN CITY (Zenit) - What makes a radio station Catholic? And what can make Catholic radio more effective? These are some of the questions being reflected upon by a Vatican-sponsored ...

UK: Archbishops Issue Muted Warning on Gay Marriage
Virtue on Line 6/20/2008, by David W. Virtue
A British Evangelical theologian said the statement by the archbishops, while designed to appear orthodox, is as flimsy as a paper napkin. AMMAN (Virtue on Line) - The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have issued a statement expressing displeasure at the recent marriage of two priests in a London ...

Should Iraqi Christians Stay or Go?
Zenit News Agency 6/19/2008, by Inmaculada Alvarez
Vatican Assembly of Societies for Aid to Eastern Churches is meeting to discuss the plight of our brothers and sisters in Iraq. VATICAN CITY (Zenit) - The question regarding Christians in Iraq is whether they have a future there, or if it would be better to focus efforts on helping them relocate, ...

China's Pre-Olympic Rights Abuses
Zenit News Agency 6/10/2008, by Antonio Gasperi
The Priest/author explained that "human liberties and rights are virtually not at all respected in China." MILAN (Zenit) - Perhaps the Olympics have never sparked as many hopes and disappointments as this year's games are causing, says the author of a book on China's preparations for this summer's ...

Tibetan Exiles Commemorate Tiananmen Massacre
Asia News 6/5/2008, by Nirmala Carvalho
Pro-Tibet activists show solidarity with the Tiananmen Mothers movement who have sought justice for 19 years. NEW DELHI (AsiaNews) - Tibetans in exile in India are commemorating, this evening, the 19th anniversary of the massacre in Tiananmen Square, and are drawing comparisons with the recent ...

Worldwide Anglican Communion at an End?
LifeSiteNews 6/20/2008, by Hilary White
"We have made enormous efforts since 1997 in seeking to avoid this crisis, but without success. Now we confront a moment of decision." JERUSALEM (LifeSiteNews) - A month before the Lambeth Conference, the leaders of the "conservative", or traditionally Christian wing of the Anglican Church have ...

W.H.O.: No Pandemic of Aids Among Heterosexuals
LifeSiteNews 6/10/2008, by Peter J. Smith
"It is astonishing how badly we have done with men who have sex with men. It is something that is going to have to be discussed much more rigorously." LONDON (LifeSiteNews) - An official with the World Health Organisation (WHO) is finally admitting what many AIDS experts have been saying for years ...




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